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The guarantee of quality
The breadth of the Sicarev Group's supply zone in terms of animals or breeds means we can offer a wide range of skins.


France is a major player in the luxury market, particularly in the production of calf leather.  This activity, and more particularly the promotion of leather, is essential to the economic balance of the veal sector. From the very beginning of the calf sector, it was an obvious decision for us to make every effort to work with our partners and customers to deliver calfskin that meets the quality criteria of the luxury industry. 


Particular care is taken throughout the production stages: monitoring of farms to reduce defects on the hides (scaring), controlling transport conditions, strict hygiene, vaccination and treatments against parasites. This quality approach is also continued in our workshops, where skinning and skin conservation techniques are carefully controlled. The day-to-day involvement of the entire chain, from breeders to employees, is a token of quality that guarantees exceptional leathers.


At their individual level, each industry player contributes to the improvement of quality on a daily basis, from breeding to the collection of skins at our production sites.


In terms of breeding, this notably involves the cleanliness of animals, de-horning, veterinary monitoring via a livestock health plan, but also the design of buildings, batching parks …


Our drivers are trained in handling cattle, and take particular care to remove any projecting or blunt objects during the transportation of animals.

In order to ensure animal welfare in the cowsheds, staff regularly check the structures of the housing and the condition of the animals.


This quest for excellence at every stage of skin production allows us to offer our tanning clients carefully monitored, high-quality products.