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Our commitments

Responsible activity sectors


We are a cooperative of breeders who place a high value on our regions’ resources. Conscious of the importance of preserving our territories’ natural resources, we attempt to implement sustainable agriculture on a daily basis. We engage with the local economy each day, ensuring the welfare of our animals, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and the continued maintenance of landscapes.


The creation of our cooperative is based on equitable agriculture where responsibilities are shared and each actor’s efforts are rewarded at their fair value. A share of the profits is thus redistributed to the member breeders in the form of surplus value, to the employees via profit-sharing, and finally reinvested in the cooperative’s tools.


Transparency is an essential value within the cooperative: sharing values, communication, and collaboration between livestock farms and processing plants, traceability from the barn to the plate.


This mastery of the sector and its short supply chain is a guarantee of quality and provides an assurance to all that our products can be consumed with confidence. Breeding great taste means that we can offer each consumer a quality product that reflects the passion, the authenticity and the commitment of true professionals who love their job.